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My development workflow

4 min read

This blog post is a rundown of my development workflow. The tools, customisations and integrations I have setup to arrive at a workflow that helps me daily in going about my work.

TOOLS and INTEGRATIONS within them that power my setup

We might have to run several commands get our project running, make changes and commit code. For example

The brute force approach is to open N terminals windows for N commands. But jumping between those windows is going to be messy as we go about doing our job.

Having to run many commands to get our project running each time is highly inefficient.

Editor workflow

Literal code editing workflow optimizations are left out of this blog as that will need to be a separate post.



My development workflow is optimized for working on a project for a long term. There is a little overhead with setting these tools up, but once we get into the rabbit hole of customising our development workflow, it is going to bring joy. It also makes us more efficient as the days pass.

Originally published on by Rakshith Bellare